The Happiest Baby on the Block

The Happiest Baby on the Block – The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longer

Every new parent should learn the concepts taught in this book to quickly and effectively calm your baby. For those that don’t like reading or would learn better through visual demonstration I highly recommend the DVD. The video version is also available for streaming online. It does a great job of highlighting all of the important concepts. Although the video can be repetitive at times, some may find the repetition helps reinforce the concepts.

The book and the movie cover the following topics.

1. The Fourth Trimester: Why babies still yearn for a womblike atmosphere … even after birth

2. The Calming Reflex: An “off switch” all babies are born with

3. The 5 S’s: Five easy steps to turn on your baby’s amazing calming reflex.  (Swaddle, Side or Stomach position, Shush, Swing, and Suck)

4. The Cuddle Cure: How to combine the 5 S’s to calm even colicky babies


Read more about the five s’s at Baby Center.



Apple iTunes: The Happiest Baby On the Block

Apple iBooks: The Happiest Baby on the Block; Fully Revised and Updated Second Edition – Harvey Karp, M.D.